About Us

Inspiring Bookshop is a subsidiary of the Australian Self Publishing Group Pty Ltd, offering a unique range of titles from our published authors, other self published authors and small publishers. Some of our books you cannot get anywhere else.

Inspiring Bookshop is dedicated to fostering the rights of authors worldwide and to making sure authors are protected in every way.

We believe that "Every Book is a Door to a New World" for our authors and customers.

Inspiring Bookshop was set up to promote self published authors and small publishers books and help them profit from all their hard work. There is nothing worse than spending months or years writing a book to discover that the big publishers are not interested in it or will not even read it.

Here at Inspiring Bookshop we maintain you can't judge a book by its cover or the first few paragraphs, like the traditional publishers do.

Every book on our site is there on its own merit and inspiring in some way. You will find many books here that are superior to what is in other book stores and the books released by the big publishers.

We accept books in all genre from self published or small publishing house's from anywhere in the world.

We have Worldwide Delivery on all our books.