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Beyond Belief
Could this happen to you? Megan White, a young naive girl who wants to make an impression on ..
Price: AUD 21.95
Tales of a Hard Rock Miner
This is a collection of stories about my time in the mining industry. Starting with my happy chil..
Price: AUD 22.95
The Volkano's Wife
Amalia marries Cecil in 1933 after a lightning five-day shipboard courtship. She is catapulted from ..
Price: AUD 24.95
Russia & Revolution
The Russian Revolution forever changed the lives of many in Russia, not least those who had been ..
Price: AUD 24.95
A Kind Providence
'The true story of a World War 2 Flight Mission which deserves to be known to history, to Aus..
Price: AUD 24.95
Just famous enough not to be noticed
An amazing personal adventure from a suburban childhood in Australia; to deal-making in Hollywood; o..
Price: AUD 24.95
Remembering Ben Chifley
Set against the turbulent years of both, World Wars, The Great Depression and the Cold War, this ..
Price: AUD 26.95
Sipping champagne through a straw: Beyond good enough (2nd Edition)
Maria’s lifelong dream is to seek a better life. It is not only a communist regime from which she ..
Price: AUD 24.95
A boy from Sauda : From Norway and Australia
The book deals with family relations and growing up in Norway during WW2. As a settler it also gi..
Price: AUD 22.95
Corridors: A Verse Memoir
In this memoir a woman now in her eighties looks back to a childhood and adolescence lived in the tu..
Price: AUD 24.95