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The Last Priest of Jupiter
"Historical adventures and romances set in ancient Britain and Ireland are nearly always tol..
Price: AUD 24.95
The Pendant
Kate Parker had always been a loner, a nobody; never one for socialising much. When her parents d..
Price: AUD 19.95
Another Eighteen Candles
When death hits the rewind button on your life, what would you change? For Sarah Jane Ashford it ..
Price: AUD 19.95
The Afterlife Journey
This is a story of a bricklayer that upon dying realises his atheistic views of the impossibility..
Price: AUD 19.95
The Rock Gods of Reanton
This is a rock n roll fiction that spans 23 years and two generations of aspiring young musicians..
Price: AUD 22.95
Echoes of a Blacksmith
The moment Joseph Simpson’s boot was found at the fire he became a suspect. It was no secre..
Price: AUD 19.95
The Forgotten Holocaust: a Gypsy's Journey from Auschwitz to Freedom
The Forgotten Holocaust, a story of the forgotten Romani holocaust, encompasses a rich cast ..
Price: AUD 22.95
Cause and Effect
Damian’s Rules for tripping: 1: Do not carry LSD on your person whilst tripping...
Price: AUD 24.95
Crazy bitch : A portrait of domestic violence?
This book is not for the faint hearted, the language fits the perpetrators of this kind of crime...
Price: AUD 24.95
Roman Boy
Lucius Decius Verus is the son of a Roman officer, Marcus Decius Verus, and his wife Camilla. The..
Price: AUD 24.95