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Kathmandu 1
Arum took a deep breath of the mountain air. In the east the sky was lightening and the sn..
Price: AUD 24.00
Big Stake
Life's a gamble. It certainly is for former jockey, Roy Gilbert as he takes the wrong line to the ..
Price: AUD 24.95
Lost in the Darkwood Forest
Scott W Tyler in his second book, Lost in the Darkwood Forest , Tales of the Three, continues the..
Price: AUD 24.95
The Undershaw Coterie
A murder mystery by the author of "Who’s Haiku of Interesting Australians". Sir Arthur Conan Doy..
Price: AUD 24.95
Necessary Murders
When Lucita, a 17 years old sudden is found murdered in the chapel of her elite school, Superintend..
Price: AUD 24.95
Eye of the Rainbow Serpent
Of exotic mixed-race heritage, Chloe Quartpot lives an isolated life on the vast Venus Downs cattle ..
Price: AUD 24.95
While mainland Australia surges through the backwash of the GFC the island state is struggling. Poli..
Price: AUD 24.95
Cold Gold 3
Dennis J. McTaggart, once again leads us on an exciting journey, following Teddy and his band of ..
Price: AUD 24.95
A Night in Hangman's Hall
The old haunted house on the hill. Every town has one, but not every town was home to the Mad Mangle..
Price: AUD 24.95
Eagles on the Highway
Life is full of choices. In this sequel to A Butterfly Landed An Eagle, D. Elizabeth Laine urges her..
Price: AUD 24.95