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All for the love of a horse
All for the Love of a Horse is about Catherine, a young 14 year old girl’s involvement with severa..
Price: AUD 19.95
New Beginnings
The main character is a fifteen year old girl and her whole world changes when she and her twin brot..
Price: AUD 19.95
Yonka the water monster and Preston
Yonka is a monster that lives in all the waters of the world. This includes, swimming pools, ocea..
Price: AUD 14.95
Tommy and the candy stripe mountain and Anneke and the Toverwitch.
Tommy, an eleven year old boy, had heard about the Candy Striped Mountain where there was a city ..
Price: AUD 14.95
No Nomo No
No Momo No! Is a story about a dog who is number one. Momo gets lovely walks every day and her ow..
Price: AUD 12.95
What we're Wheelie like
WHAT IF... your best friend was in a wheelchair and people always stared at them when you ..
Price: AUD 14.95
Gingerbread Aliens
Is it a rock? Is it a football? Is it the charred remains of a space ship and its strange looking..
Price: AUD 14.95
Scruffy Wuffy’s Dog Diary
It's a new year, but what is a new year for a scruffy wuffy dog? Find out as you get t..
Price: AUD 14.95
The Rock Gods of Reanton
This is a rock n roll fiction that spans 23 years and two generations of aspiring young musicians..
Price: AUD 22.95
Flynn's Zone
If thirteen year old Flynn could change two things about his life, firstly he’d be an only ..
Price: AUD 19.95