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I Could Have Been a Contender - eBook
Eric Scott is a published author and playwright with five books and more than 20 plays under his ..
Price: AUD 9.95
Australia, Wake Up - eBook
Australia, wake up! is a call to action – a challenge to readers to speak out on what conce..
Price: AUD 8.95
Someone Looking Over Me - eBook
Jayne Hammersley Norrie has led a charmed, eventful, determined and rebellious life from the begi..
Price: AUD 9.95
My Dearest Genie - eBook
MY DEAREST GENNIE is the story of the authors Great grandfather Staff Commander John (Jack) Thoma..
Price: AUD 9.95
Queen Hooey's Nest - eBook
Alex Brownlie reckons that something funny is going on with the big bullant nest on the hill behi..
Price: AUD 8.95
Murders and Mayhem at Salt Creek: The True Secrets - eBook
Many articles have been written about the notorious murderer Malachi Martin, but over time, like ..
Price: AUD 8.95
Prised Open - eBook
This journey begins with a visit to a ladies craft group at a nearby Presbyterian Church, however..
Price: AUD 9.95
The Other Side of Dark  - eBook
David lee Killman is the village idiot at his school always pulling pranks and getting into fight..
Price: AUD 9.95
No Nomo No - eBook
No Momo No! Is a story about a dog who is number one. Momo gets lovely walks every day and her ow..
Price: AUD 5.95
Naughty Mr Fox and the 10 Chickens - eBook
This book is a childrens counting book about a naughty fox. There are 11 full colour pages, and t..
Price: AUD 5.95