The Bale Fires of Brecon

The Bale Fires of Brecon
Author: Aidan Magellan Gabriel Moore

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Before first light, a watchman came to Datius. He rose instantly and with Ian climbed a hill and looked out across the water into the black western sky. His heart fell. There was a red glow in the northwest, barely visible in the pre-dawn blackness. "Isca" said the watchman. It grew brighter as they watched. It seemed to flicker.

Westward there was another glow. ‘Caerdyf’ said the British civilian watchman. Lightning flickered beyond the western horizon.

"Brecon" said the watchman. Within a quarter of an hour every headland and peak along the coast of Cambria was lit. The two watched for a while. It reminded them of the Fires of Bel on the first night of summer, but alas, this was no celebration. It was ravening war. What must be going on over there in Cambria? They went back to their lodging and at breakfast they told Nuala, who went pale and silent. They took to the road quietly, each nursing his or her private grief.