When the Angel Say Amen: The history of the Cherokee Indians

When the Angel Say Amen: The history of the Cherokee Indians
Author: Vera Lucia Lima

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The backdrop to this amazingly conceived book is of the US Army’s cruel massacring and forced removal of the Indigenous Native Americans from their 'sacred lands', 200 years ago.

White Moon is the daughter of the 'Shaman' (spiritually gifted) Tribal Chief and the book tells of her life, the forced renouncement of her tribal identity and the touching romance with her life-long friend.

VERA LUCIA LIMA – The Author is a very remarkable woman.

Aged 12, she realised she could see and hear things, others couldn’t. Now, an Australian Citizen, she grew up in a large family in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Through a series of dreams and over a period of 12 months, the contents of this book was ‘revealed’ and ‘channelled’ to her, which she was able to record and write down in her native Portuguese.

Vera insists that she had no prior interest or knowledge of the Indigenous people of North America, let alone the Cherokee people! However, the story, characters, setting and ‘spiritual content’ - all set in the oppressive times of 200 years ago - would appear to contradict that!

Vera can offer no rational explanation. With her amazing abilities, she has written other books, all penned with the same perplexing scenario. She remains humble and modest about her extraordinary experiences, but her books have powerful spiritual messages that fascinate her readers - worldwide.

“A fascinating and insightful book that will leave the reader feeling a sense of love and respect for Mother Nature!”-
Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author.