The Rock Gods of Reanton

The Rock Gods of Reanton
Author: Parker, Gregory Laurence Mead

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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This is a rock n roll fiction that spans 23 years and two generations of aspiring young musicians. Its journey begins in Reanton in 1989, a time and place where long haired music culture set the ground rules for the fickle teenage social scene. A young outsider with very definite ideas that the established style of music has become inbred strove to do something new. Mallory Kendall ran against the grain but was visionary and a few people saw it at the time, but the little things she said and did had a knock on effect that left the world changed. Those who stood with her and those who opposed her saw her become a god of rock in an historic sense and their lives were changed profoundly.

As the years rolled on they came to terms with the mark she made and gained something they never expected, the respect of a new generation of young budding rock n roll dreamers with their own social scene. Old feuds run bitter and never get forgiven or forgotten, and where there seemed to be high times and the youthful spark of music super heros, along comes the spider. Lauda is a super villain heart and soul, and wherever he walks everything is sucked of life. His understudy Doc Nicks is set to become even worse except, wherever he walks things seem to heal up and turn out better. Doc needed to leave Lauda to take the whole world for himself, but when he did he didn't need the world anymore.