Another Eighteen Candles

Another Eighteen Candles
Author: E.P. David

Book Code: ISBN : 978-0-9873993-6-6
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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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When death hits the rewind button on your life, what would you change? For Sarah Jane Ashford it would be her passionate but tumultuous marriage to her high school sweetheart Sam. Her life meets a tragic end when the impact from a car accident dislodges her soul and propels her into the past. Sarah dies on Cahill Expressway in her thirties, and reawakens under the watchful eyes of her Boys II Men poster at age seventeen.

Believing this sojourn into 1994 was an opportunity to rebuild her flawed relationship with Sam, she attempts to address the issues that began in the early days of courtship. A simple plan – if it weren’t for a celestial gag on topics regarding time travel; an ex-best friend with a life altering secret; and a rekindled friendship with Marcus, a boy she had dismissed as a mere acquaintance in high school. It is only by reliving her teen years through adult eyes that Sarah can confront her own shortcomings, alter her destiny and become the woman she was supposed to be.

Set in Sydney, Melbourne and New York against a cultural backdrop of the mid-90’s, Another Eighteen Candles examines the consequences of choices,emotional stagnation and nostalgia. It is a story of self exploration, and ultimately true love that spans three cities and two lifetimes.­

For anyone who has ever wondered - what if?