Berty Button Gets a Team

Berty Button Gets a Team
Author: Rattigan, Marlene

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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'Bertybutton Gets a Team' is the first book in a series of 8 children’s storybooks about a real fleet of trucks based in Perth, Western Australia.

These trucks are their own characters called: 'Bertybutton', 'Quarters' and 'Mini Bert', all of which have exciting adventures during their working day carting interesting products within the Perth City area, to the Far North West and across Australia.

'Bertybutton Gets a Team' is the introduction to this real fleet of trucks given they are, in real life, covered in colourful and bright ‘jelly beans’ and moreso, given the storytelling charicatures of these trucks, ignite imagination, bring happiness and a smile to any child’s face; so let’s go shake some beans!

The authors of the book have written a wonderful story that really brings the trucks to life. I am sure all little boys and girls will love the antics these lovable trucks get up to; and how they fill their day with exciting adventures.