What's Your Joy - With Bonus CD

What's Your Joy - With Bonus CD
Author: Diane Hansen

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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This book has the potential to transform lives!

What's Your Joy? is a comprehensive, self-exploratory course designed to guide the reader through a process of self-discovery. It uses the functions and attributes associated with each of the seven major chakras of the body as tools for creating a foundation for holistic living. Weaving together practical exercises, in-depth questionnaires, valuable insights, creative visualisations and healing techniques, the participant is guided to awaken and remember who they are, discover their innate gifts and talents, and learn how to use them in their own unique way in creating their life-purpose.

This easy-to-use, step-by-step practical guide invites the reader to delve deeply into their own psyche, to reclaim and celebrate every aspect of themselves and live to their highest potential.

Through this powerful process you can;

  • Recognise and acknowledge your true self
  • Re-connect with your inner joy
  • Discover and live your life-purpose
  • Learn how to create harmonious relationships
  • Be self-aware, self-responsible and self-empowered
  • Learn new skills and behaviours to deal creatively with life’s challenges
  • Welcome and embrace change in your life and use it for personal growth
  • Create a fulfilling and joyous life
  • Do all of the above in a spirit of fun and adventure

From her own challenging journey, Diane has emerged as an inspiring, transformative influence in the lives of others, my own included! Her deep honesty, courage and authenticity shine throughout the adventure of What’s Your Joy?

Elizabeth Scully
Integral Yoga Association of Australasia