Journey to the Truth

Journey to the Truth
Author: Nancy Humpel

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Journey to the Truth. An Introduction to the Reality of Ourselves and the World.

When thinking about the meaning and purpose of our lives, most people eventually come to these questions: ‘Who am I really?’ ‘What is the purpose for being here?’ and ‘Where will I go after I die?’ Increasing numbers are contemplating this, and so beginning the process of ‘waking up’ to our original nature; true reality, versus the illusions we have been led to believe until now. This is an introduction and overview to very important metaphysical and world topics. It is help for beginners on where and how to start, or move forward, on their own journey! We will explore together the possibility of being an eternal being, of reincarnation, learn about the human energy centres. We will investigate whether extraterrestrial beings are real. What can we do to achieve the inner and outer life we desire? What are the important issues on the planet, and how can we watch out for our physical health. Throughout the book, the author use examples her experiences and growth from her own journey to date. There is a great need for the type of book she has written. It differs from others on the market in that it is short, with easy to follow chapters, and readers can identify which topics stand out as important to them personally, where they are drawn to find out more. Included is a bibliography and additional resources readers can use for further exploration.