Queen Hooey's Nest

Queen Hooey's Nest
Author: Michael William Marriot

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Alex Brownlie reckons that something funny is going on with the big bullant nest on the hill behind his house. But it takes the arrival of his audacious cousin, Violet, who ignites a chain of events that ultimately lead to both Violet and Alex exploding into a world where they are definitely the odd ones’ out.

Queen Hooey’s Nest is the story of the biggest and best bullant nest on Mount Majura.

The Queen, Queen Hooey, is the number one ticket holder, former most beautiful and popular young bullant queen and owner of the enormous brain that creates the space for cousins Violet and Alex to move from human world to insect world.

The characters that come alive on the mountain begin with Queen Hooey, and her suite of adoring attendants. A number of her able bodied children, including the courageous and cool-headed Prince Reggie and the slightly less courageous Nobby, are personally appointed to escort the human children on their quest across the insect world.

They meet, among others, three out cast, outlaw, bad tempered, Inchmen. The longest and most ferocious ants in the world! Queen Hooey’s Nest is a very Australian tale of our flora and fauna told in the spirit of a timeless and endless summer holiday. Adventure runs into adventure, great friendships are discovered and the unreal becomes real in a world where an insect microcosm comes to life.