Being Human

Being Human
Author: Steve Carlsson

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This book examines the way in which people in modern Western societies are drawn to the convenience and comfort of affluence that is proving to be unsustainable. How this affects our personal lives, business practices and the futures of our children is examined in terms of the future survival of our species and our planet.

It is argued that everyday people need to take back control of their lives from the power and wealth elite who currently control, both overtly and covertly, many aspects of our society and economy. Also, almost all our recent claims to progress have been technology based which has not always resulted in enhancing the human condition. Real change towards a low stress and sustainable future is only possible if we actively pursue it and create a demand for political action to represent our best interest as a global community.

"The future for human’s lies in separating beneficial science from that which depletes, degrades or otherwise damages our natural world, and in turn, defeats our economics and our survival prospects."

There is a short historical perspective followed by a detailed look at how we humans process information. Because of how this occurs we are susceptible to manipulation by whoever is in a position of authority to create social structures and economic directions.