Buzz Bomb

Buzz Bomb
Author: Jason Matheson

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Adventures in the Forbidden Zone is a fantasy fiction set in Sydney Australia during the 1920’s. As tensions between the insect tribes escalate, a group of teenage cockroaches lead by Fishbone; the fastest Cavity Rider this side of the kitchen, disobey the Elders and leave the sanctuary of the house. The Elder’s decree is sent out, the gang is doomed! Can Buzzbomb, Fishbone’s younger brother, find the teenagers in time to save them from the monsters that lurk out in the Forbidden Zone?

The story of the greatest cockroach that ever lived is retold by an ancient Elder known only to the nymphs as Grandpa George. But as the tale unravels it would appear that Grandpa George has some secrets of his own. Jason Matheson In this heroic tale of redemption, forgiveness and steel plated machines, one courageous heart will change the world forever.

Beautifully illustrated by Australia’s own Bill Hope.