The Mountain, the Forest and the Infinite Blue Sea

The Mountain, the Forest and the Infinite Blue Sea
Author: Eitan Daniel

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This collection of short stories depicts a series of experiences that were seminal moments within the author’s personal development.

A unique account like no other, the book describes stories from the author’s early days roaming the streets with gangs of children, exploring the left over remnants of previous wars, school days in new cultural and political climates, and enlisting in the Israeli Army.

Each experience elicits ethical and personal challenges and the stories weave a way through each one, some delicate and inspiring and others ending in bloody conflict. The shift from Israel to Australia imposed new ways of thinking and behaving and created conflicts of its own. “The Mountain, the Forest and the Infinite Blue Sea” speaks of the mistakes people make, the recovery from trauma, the humiliations and triumphs that any individual will come across during the course of life.

It is a fiercely honest, mesmerizing account of one man’s journey through childhood, becoming a warrior and learning to be a man. The book will inspire others to develop confidence to grow through their own challenges with honesty and dignity.