Tommy and the candy stripe mountain and Anneke and the Toverwitch.

Tommy and the candy stripe mountain and Anneke and the Toverwitch.
Author: Alida Van Den Bos

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Tommy, an eleven year old boy, had heard about the Candy Striped Mountain where there was a city on the other side with streets paved with gold, and people didn’t have to work.

With his father sick and out of work, Tommy thought it was his duty to go and get some of that gold for his father’s medicine. Against all odds, and the help of many animals, Tommy reached the mountain. One of the animals was an old wolf who’d slept with him to keep warm. Tommy thought it was a dog, but noticing it was a wolf, he asked, ‘Are you going to eat me now?’The wolf laughed, and said, ‘Don’t be ridiculous, that only happens in fairy tales.

Anneke and the Toverwitch

On her way to the shop to get some milk, Anneke saw an open gate which was usually just a wall. A Toverwitch was calling her for a ride on her broomstick, Anneke then found herself standing in the street with two dollars in her hand. After a long time the gate was open again, Anneke found a black cat who told her she was the Toverwitch who wanted to be a cat because of her nine lives. She also had a friend, Mrs Crowe, a scarecrow. Anneke loved the scarecrowe so she and Tover the cat, decorated her to go to the festival in a nearby village.