Prised Open

Prised Open
Author: Rhonda J. Aubert

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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This journey begins with a visit to a ladies craft group at a nearby Presbyterian Church, however, when Rhonda is voted on to the Board of Management fourteen years later, as a bookkeeper, she began to see this Church in a whole different light.

After she discovers what she believes to be fraudulent behaviour, she leaves the Church but cannot ignore what she has uncovered.

She writes a detailed report to the Presbytery of Maroondah but is horrified to discover that they have titled their minutes ‘Minutes Concerning dealing with Mrs. R. Aubert’.

From there her story becomes a battle with the hierarchy of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and a Church system of government she believes discriminates against women.

This book walks you through two years of Rhonda’s life with all its twists and turns and shows you the many hurdles people have pushed onto her path.

‘I have written ‘Prised Open’ because I know if I did not, everything I have uncovered will be hidden away and everything I have endured would be for nothing’.

-Rhonda J. Aubert