Many Mansions

Many Mansions
Author: Lawrence Johns

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Many Mansions is a book of spiritually inclined Poetry covering a gamut of subjects extending from Birth to Death,from Religion to Reincarnation,to Faith and Nature.In this edition Johns attempts to demonstrate the unity of all things not only on this Earth, but also in the countless Universes both seen and unseen, indicating his strong belief, that all things all beings are inter connected and ultimately are reliant on each other for existance; and that each being is affected by not only what we imagine we observe physically,but also by that which we cannot see affecting our spiritual and emotional lives.

The book was brought about after some many years of investigation into the many Faiths existing in this complex world , both now and in ages past.

The author gradually came to the conclusion that basically there is no valid reason why there should so often be such furious conflict between the great faiths, nor is there any spiritual excuse for such violen actions that occur daily throughout the world in the name of religion,misinterpretation and manipulation of the written word being one of the major causes for conflict.