A Path Once Trodden

A Path Once Trodden
Author: Amy Maree Hume

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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“The steps taken towards healing is using what is known, and where you have been, to look at the path ahead with direction”

“Beautifully written poems that help restore faith in oneself as well as in humanity”

- Denisha Govender, Office Manager, Schofield King Lawyers

“Amy’s emotions are intense, raw and uninhibited. Her verses give a poignant snapshot of her experiences that gather you up and take you into her journey, to a personal place, where her scars take refuge. A cathartic process for Amy that became mine, as I shared in the shedding of her darkness and the clouds began to part with the turn of each page.” – Lisa Mercieca, Administration Manager, Demand Solutions.

“It's a wonderful resource for individuals and professionals. It is honest, compassionate and offers a wealth of wisdom for readers dealing with pain.”

Dr. Yega Muthu, UTS Lecturer