Rusty Love Hanging With Old Cars

Rusty Love Hanging With Old Cars
Author: John Timmins

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Rusty Love - Hanging With Old Cars is a magnificent collection of photos, words and poetry capturing old car moments forgotten through time and reclaimed by nature. These beautiful old cars are lost to a world of technology. Where all things fast is preferred and having more over less is desired, it is easy to forget their stories, their voice and their grandeur.

Sure there are few examples about, but in a world when everything needs to be done yesterday, they can easily be missed, left unnoticed or quickly scooped up for a quick dollar. Now that’s ok, but one day when they’re all gone... then what? Rusty Love by John Timmins manages to capture and recreate those untold stories through his photography, poetry and art. It is a romantic journey that invites you to join him on a walk back in time when cars had a voice. The once warriors, war horses and daily drivers, the shining examples and the mistreated have all added their own part to the Australian culture. This far away land keeps them secret as they sleep through the elements, their shadows are all they have.

Hanging with old cars is a step back in time for those who choose to reminisce and for others who wish for old things to be new again.