Stop Procrastinating! The Book of Excuses

Stop Procrastinating! The Book of Excuses
Author: Neil Ashton-Rickardt

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Do you get a thrill from leaving things to the last minute?

Do you hate making a decision in case you get it wrong?

Do you expect instant results and avoid things if you don’t get them?

Yes? Then you could be a procrastinator.

For you if you don’t want to do something. One excuse is as good as another.

The reasons people give excuses are many and never ending

But here is the thing we all do it! Some people do it all their lives and become quite skilled at doing it. You could put off a small task or constantly find reasons to avoid the bigger projects in your life. Like getting that body you want, changing your career, taking that magnificent trip. You are always going to do it tomorrow. But here is the catch tomorrow is in your imagination, today is the only time we really have. Strange as it may seem, the only reality is right now. You could live your while life thinking there is an infinite amount of tomorrows so nothing is necessary to do now. People who make things happen and do what they know they should do ‘seize the day’ and act as if today was their last day, because one day it will be. If it is worth doing START RIGHT NOW....

Here’s a little book of excuses to show you in a whimsical way how silly any excuse is and what you can do to easily get around to it.