On Your Marks

On Your Marks
Author: Russell Dickson

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The task of establishing yourself as an elite sportsperson is a monumental one. It's not for the faint-hearted. Elite sport is tough, unrelenting and a lot of hard work.

The blood, sweat and tears can teach you about yourself in brutal ways, but if you choose to listen, they will teach you lessons that are invaluable for the rest of life's journey.

Is there any possibility that this person you discover and become on your journey is the real you God has been waiting to connect with? The one who is exhausted, who couldn't run another step, hit another ball or throw another punch, the one who is starting to question if you have what it takes to go on. Could this be possible, especially when you might not believe God is real in the first place?

Come with 'Hepz' Sullivan as he feverishly pursues his dream of Olympic Gold. After four years of commitment will he finally make these Games his own?

About the Author

R.K. Dickson elected to leave the business management world after twenty-five years to work on personal pursuits he could never find the time for. Writing On Your Marks... has been a burning desire of his for over six years. "I wanted to create a resource where all sports people could see and understand the synergy between the effort it takes to participate at the elite level and the relevance of faith in the pursuit of succeeding."

R.K. Dickson played AFL for Collingwood Football Club from 1983 to 1987, and is active in coaching and mentoring players at the local level. Living in Melbourne, Australia, he is married to Ivana and has two children, Ben and Olivia.