Shooting Ghosts

Shooting Ghosts
Author: Pezzimenti Biasino

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Forthright, confronting and at times darkly comedic, “Shooting Ghosts” is a collection of poems that doesn’t so much opine on the workings and ideas of the modern world, but shakes down the branches that hold it together.

Through intense imagery and a rebellious free flowing prose, Pezzimenti explores the culpability of a society seemingly willing to digest sound-bites and social media updates yet reject anything that may cause offence, or worse still, debate or deep collective thought.

From the lack of any real advancement in human rights, to the gullibility of the Fifth Estate, to the mistreatment of our natural environment, the subject matter and themes of this book are colossal, but through careful and often highly personal construction, the subjects’ immensity is deciphered into highly readable verse.

"Shooting Ghosts" is an antidote to the opaque and in many senses a throw-back to a time more associated with free flowing thinking. Each poem has a very individual character, but collectively they band together to highlight and comment on some of the bigger issues we face as a society.