The Chronicles of Detroit, Michigan

The Chronicles of Detroit, Michigan
Author: Alex Gordon

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Its 2012 Detroit is still suffering from the GFC, job loss, poverty is high the only things that are growing are the many casinos that feed off the poor and that leads to a sky rocketing crime and murder rate. Detroit was once the beacon of the USA now its ruins hid a secret?

His name is Michael, a boy of only 17. He has no idea of the many layers of lies and truths about his life, his birth, plus the conflict inside of his heart that is hidden.

In the back ground keeping Michael safe and hidden from unknown enemies is the Order of the Guarding. It is a secret order that has being keeping Derrock, the place where all the negative energy and evil souls of the world are drawn to, and where they are twisted into demons that possess the living and the dead.

The Order of the Guarding for centuries has being trying to stop the rise of Derrock and for the past 17 years have fought to keep Michael in Detroit. As Detroit is the only city in world that can keep the balance of power and Michael is the key to the future of all Human kind?

If the Order of Guarding fails: Will humans survive?