The Fulcrum Star- Balance Disturbed

The Fulcrum Star- Balance Disturbed
Author: Haydn Mark Turner

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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In the year 1408, in the lands of Enabladoor, upon the sister planet to Earth-Solestia, the bloodied, massacred bodies of soldiers- both attackers and defenders- lay upon the grassy slope afoot the castle Magniforte. Our story begins almost 1400 years earlier upon the very same land upon the very same planet as unwittingly the inhabitants go about their daily lives.

Descending from the coastal regions of the North, the nomadic hunting and gathering people known as the Axeons arrive for their once in a century hunt, for the giant Cent-terrapin turtle of Ocean’s Deep. The highly prized, dinosaur sized, mystical creatures come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand at night, on a full moon once every 100 years; providing only a very small window for the hunt.

Following in their wake and in search of the Axeon boy Neptune and the Oceanic Trident of power, two recently pirated black galleons, one of which is carrying the tribal witch Absysiam, lurk ominously upon the horizon. Meanwhile inland a simple farming woman flees with her children from her burnt out home, following the savage revenge attack by ghosts of her past. And in the partially snow covered Reptilight Mountains to the North and the parched, sandy Great Desert to the East, men of the land hunt their prey for survival.

It is at this time when a great star known as the Fulcrum Star from a circle of five of these glowing beacons, located in deep space and responsible for balancing the universe, is lost by the gods and arrives in a solidified state to the planet. In a dazzling show of both colourful light and incredible sound the fallen star separates into seven individual crystal pieces and crashes to the surface. The fall of the star causes a loss of equilibrium and “Balance is Disturbed” throughout the universe. With the balance disturbed the gods summon from the deepest recesses of the universe, a collective of forces both good and evil to temporarily maintain the balance until the crystals can be collected and the star restored.

Using these powerful forces they create two beings, Lord Dark-sky, bringer of darkness and all that is evil, and Sir Zandicore Solatore, the wizard of white light and kindness. With the arrival and disposition of the seven powerful crystals the ultimate fight between good and evil is set to be played out.