A Peg Leg Hero

A Peg Leg Hero
Author: Bob Pearson

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Bob Pearson has led a very active and diverse life spanning three careers: soldier, engineer administrator.

With his first book ’A Penny On Friday.’ about his early life which began in pre-war Lancashire leading up to and included the Second World War.

He has also made several contributions to works in Australia and England as recent as 2012.

With his sequel ‘A Peg Leg Hero‘; he enlisted in the army in Feb 1945 , under age at 16 years, and served from 1945 to 1961, with active service in the occupation forces in Italy, Palestine, Germany, Korea and Malaya, including serving alongside Australian Forces.

He writes of his life, quite honestly and always with a sense of humour, even though some experiences have been tragic. In Jan 1972 he arrived in Australia with his family and grew to love his new country. In 1976 he retired after serving with NSW Prison Service and concentrated on his hobbies of writing and painting (he always likes to add – canvases not walls) In Feb this year he successfully exhibited a collection of his works at the Entrance Gallery, Central Coast, under the title ‘From Monet to the Bush.’ Even at 85 years of age he still pursues the arts.