Living in the Shadows

Living in the Shadows
Author: Tyler Nightman

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Living in the Shadows is a chilling tale about a violent, psychopathic criminal who spent ten years in Melbourne’s infamous underworld. This is the story of how a troubled young man defied all the odds to eventually become one of the most dangerous, bloodthirsty criminals society has ever seen.

"Organised crime is often glamorised, but it isn't always fun and games. I have been shot at, bashed, knives pulled on me, guns pointed at my head and had contracts put out on my life. I've rubbed shoulders with some of the worst criminals in society and nearly died" - Tyler Nightman.

Resembling the chronicles of a career criminal, the story provides a realistic insight into the workings of organised crime through the eyes of a real world psychopath. This book will take you on a journey through the underworld, and into the most disturbing aspects of our society in such explicit detail you can almost feel the cross hairs lining up on your back.