The Agreement

The Agreement
Author: Amie Patricia Guzzardi

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Rules will be broken… Sexual boundaries will be explored…

But will the agreement forever bind?

“Ryan placed his leather jacket around Emma’s shoulders as they stood on the pavement. Emma stood in silence, savouring the moment and the night she had just had with Ryan. But she knew once she told him she was still a virgin he would run for the hills. The goddess that Ryan had had in the corner not five minutes ago had gone; the girl inside Emma was back!”

When Ryan and Emma meet, their love was something they had both hoped for, waited for and at times felt was impossible, it seemed like a perfect match; Ryan is the white hot hero that Emma has been saving herself for. But lurking in the shadows of their happiness is a secret agreement Ryan has made with Elanor, a woman twice his age who will stop at nothing to make sure Ryan belongs to her.

“I don’t just love you – I need you, I want you, I have to have you.” But…!