When All Else Fails - Book 1

When All Else Fails - Book 1
Author: Carmel Bell

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Book One – "When All Else Fails". A Journey into the Heart with Medical Intuition.

Carmel Bell's life story is a little different to most. Having survived four near death experiences including one that lasted some forty-seven minutes following a cardiac arrest, her complete and total recovery still shocks people to this day. Her experiences equipped her with the unique skills of a Medical Intuitive that, after twenty-five years of private practice, are now being extended to anyone through Bell’s new book.

When All Else Fails is part life-story and part empowerment to the benefits of medical intuition and Metatronic Energy. In short, it’s compelling.


Thousands of people have already benefited from Medical Intuition and Metatronic Energy. What did these people gain? Why do they use Medical Intuition? Discover how Medical Intuition may be beneficial to you. And discover Metatronic Energy; a truly remarkable and effective form of healing. Metatronic Energy is different from anything else you have tried before. You can change your world!

This is the true-life story of Carmel Bell – Australia’s most recognized Medical Intuitive, and one of the acknowledged founders of Medical Intuition. We invite you to venture into the extraordinary world of Medical Intuition a field that combines Western medical knowledge with a more Holistic understanding of our Being. You will be both intrigued and enlightened by what you read. This is also the incredible story of how Carmel Bell discovered Metatronic Energy.