When All Else Fails - Book 2

When All Else Fails - Book 2
Author: Carmel Bell

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Book Two - "When All Else Fails". A Workbook in Self-Healing.

This book can be enjoyed on its own or as a companion book to “When All Else Fails”. A Journey into the Heart with Medical Intuition.

Thousands of people have already benefited from Medical Intuition and Metatronic Energy. What did these people gain? Why do they use Medical Intuition? Discover how Medical Intuition may be beneficial to you. And discover Metatronic Energy a truly remarkable and effective form of healing. Metatronic Energy is different from anything else you have tried before. You can change your world! The author takes you through a series of exercises to help you discover hidden talents and latent skills to help on the path to Self-Healing.

Learn about the blocks to healing, the things that make you sick and keep you that way. Discover how you can learn to see energy and feel energy and then develop these skills to repair damage to your own energy system to bring about healing. You can change your world.