Zoe's Zone

Zoe's Zone
Author: Jan Weeks

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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What was it that kept eleven year old Zoe riding her bike along Loftus Lane to Glengarry, a farm not too far from Morset, a small country town where she was holidaying with her grandmother?

It certainly wouldn’t have been sour faced Meg or her miserable husband Logan who managed the farm. More likely it was Jonah, the lonely boy who spent much of his time sitting behind his easel on the verandah, painting.

"Come back to Glengarry," he begged Zoe.

"I will," she promised, suspecting there was something strange going on at Glengarry and determined to discover what it was. Her grandmother had told her to stay away from those people. But when did Zoe ever listen?