From Asmara To The Yarra

From Asmara To The Yarra
Author: Ibrahim Hajj

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'From Asmara to the Yarra' is a story about a typical Eritrean refugee family. When war breaks out, a widowed mother and her three young daughters are forced to abandon their homeland. This story traces their path from Eritrea to Sudan and beyond as they slowly drift apart to face their own painful challenges and grim fates.

The eldest of the sisters, Miryam, finds herself in the Arab Gulf - a lowly housemaid working for a rich businessman with a sleazy and heinous agenda.

The middle sister, Nadia, joins the armed struggle to fight for the freedom of her homeland and finds herself face-to-face with her brother, fighting for a rival faction. The youngest sister, Dahab, is forced into an unhappy marriage with a jealous and petty man, twenty years her senior. She bides her time until she arrives in Melbourne and is able to plot her revenge.