Space Age Lyrics For Jesus - eBook

Space Age Lyrics For Jesus - eBook
Author: Michael Hanna

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Like any dedicated Christian, I was driven by strong passion to writing a book for Christ, however, in my spiritual journey; I was inevitably forced to move into an entirely unusual field of writing, in a different style, and in more objective way.

Nevertheless, I believe, writing for Christ, is in fact a gift from Christ. Yet this time I planed to invest in my gift, and approach the readers, in vigorous way, presenting varieties of contemporary issues, as I experienced during my time in Church service and in youth meetings.

The intention here is not to replace the Christian biblical teachings, but to present the social, and technical culture of the day, along to conform to the biblical standard, in a fresh, contemporary readable, and applicable terms.

However, the style, I have followed to including any of these diverse issues was for me, the only sensible way to reach out, and deal with as much challenges as I could, through my short lyrical, apologetic, and philosophical words.

I must confess that although some of these lyrics, also seem to occur in mystical approach, yet such approach was spiritually and philosophically so delicate, and despite my failing to master, and adequately express some statements, it would take years to write, and understand the necessary material to dare to write about it.

I humbly, hope this book is in the service of such purpose.