Cold Gold 3

Cold Gold 3
Author: Dennis J. McTaggart

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Dennis J. McTaggart, once again leads us on an exciting journey, following Teddy and his band of evildoers as they illegally harvest abalone.

Fisheries Officer, Wallace P. Trotter (Piggy) has been moved sideways and has to work with a Fisheries Officer, Brian, from South Australia, who has a shady past. Brian and Piggy, along with their young sidekicks, Justin and James, all plot together to arrest the evil doers. Louie and Gazza, the two down and outs, also get stuck into poaching abalone just to confuse the issue. Detective Karl gets a new partner, Paul and sets about showing him the benefits of being a copper on the vice squad. Des finds love with Rosie Box, and Dean is faced with a dilemma. Teddy is helped out by a washed out Vietnam veteran, Bevin, who turns out to be smarter than Teddy expected.

Hilda isn't feeling too good and Barry is forced into making a decision. Dean and the beautiful Leckie make a life changing decision. Rosie cops a belting, Louie and Gazza make a trip down south and get a new business partner. Bevin, the Vietnam Veteran, rekindles a lost marriage, and all the while Teddy and the boys keep on keeping on, poaching abalone. Due to the Authors knowledge of mateship, danger, gangsters, and all that goes on when honest people are asleep, this book is not for the faint-hearted as the author plunges you head first into all sorts of danger. Be brave.