All for the love of a horse

All for the love of a horse
Author: Terry H. Hudson

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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All for the Love of a Horse is about Catherine, a young 14 year old girl’s involvement with several horses; and a very clever old pony which outwits her and others on several occasions doing incredible things based on fact. Catherine longs to have a horse of her own she can enter and win events with.

Her parents, Tom & Elizabeth, are heavily involved with horses, breaking them in and more, but seem too busy to notice Catherine’s desire. Mr Samm is their close old trainer friend (Mr Telford) who features heavily, as does Terry (me) his apprentice jockey. The story develops the bond between Catherine and Terry, along with their mutual love of horses, (which are based on real horses and events) with the drama of Catherine’s accident added; along with the contribution each character makes to help her recover. How this all unfolds, and the tragedies that lead up to the accident, is what will enthral most readers, as will the artwork I plan to add if necessary.