Just famous enough not to be noticed

Just famous enough not to be noticed
Author: Michael Jerome Donovan

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An amazing personal adventure from a suburban childhood in Australia; to deal-making in Hollywood; organising world-class arts events; intrigue at the Vatican; a UNESCO start-up; roles as an international tourism CEO and recognition and demand as a leading educator, lecturer and executive business mentor by top corporate executives.

Donovan’s memoir is an engrossing ricochet of interests and achievements which puts paid to the theory of career-planning. Extracted from over twenty-two thousand pages of personal business diary entries and recollections of childhood, this book bursts with detail, names and contemporaneous personal observations. We get to look at the machinations of government, corporate dealings and previously undisclosed insights into many notable people.

How the book details actually happened across the years is itself a journey of achievement but to have the actual person at the centre of so many events tell his story is absolutely insightful.