Jesus is the Key

Jesus is the Key
Author: Judith Archer

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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This book was made to emphasize His greatest love to all human races, that when He died. He offered it to His Father. He was obedient and He listened to what His Father wanted Him to fulfil, to obtain the greatest gift that He offered to mankind, the gift of love, He emphasizes to all that His love is never-ending, that He is always there for all, through the good Holy Spirit. He speaks to everyone through this servant, this servant will never leave His children, He promised that to all mankind that they will live a fruitful life if they choose the good Holy Spirit as their counsellor, their guiding light and their comfort. Jesus is the Key is design to shape peoples life, it is meticulously design to fix and dig all areas of human characteristics, negative and positive, so it enables the people to grasp the good Holy Spirit, which lead the people to hear the voice of Jesus Christ, God the Father and all the heavenly Family, that is if they are willing to ask the good Holy Spirit, and if they are focus and believe then they can acquire so many gifts that the Holy Spirit reveals, they can have knowledge and wisdom so they will have a normal, joyful and peaceful life, with compassion and humility.