Coach yourself slim : weight loss coaching for a healthier, happier you

Coach yourself slim : weight loss coaching for a healthier, happier you
Author: Dr. Julia Milner

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Sick of doing one fad diet after another and not getting the body you want? Do you still want to lose weight, this time in a way that makes sense and gives you long lasting results? You need to use a new approach to weight loss - Coach Yourself Slim. Losing weight is not just about dieting, it is part of a larger process. Coach Yourself Slim is based on three principles: Positive Psychology, Coaching Techniques and a Tailored Weight Loss Plan. Firstly, a Positive Psychology approach relates "happiness tactics" to the topic of weight loss. Helping you to create the life you want and therefore reduce the barriers that are holding you back. Secondly, Coaching Techniques help you to activate your strengths and learn how to use your own resources to reach your weight loss goals. The third principle is a Tailored Approach that suits your individual lifestyle – one diet does not fit all. Coach Yourself Slim enables you to create your own exercise and nutrition plan which fits in with your unique situation. Dr. Julia Milner is a professional and awarded coach. Julia lectures and researches at Universities internationally in the area of Coaching.