World War 3 : When and how will it end?

World War 3 : When and how will it end?
Author: Geoff Mohr

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This important book examines the history of human conflict concisely, including modern terrorism that continues to spread globally.

Features of the book include:

  • An overview of man’s long history of conflict.
  • Urban crime and conflicting groups in society.
  • Tribal, ethnic, religious and political conflict.
  • Territorial and imperialist conflict.
  • The two World Wars.
  • Terrorism and revolution.
  • The threats of nuclear and biochemical warfare.
  • Conflicts of 'democratic' vs. 'socialism'.
  • Islamic terrorism and jihad.
  • Proposals to reduce conflict.

This timely and through provoking book is certain to interest adult readers of all ages for many years to come. In decades to come it may also provide a useful historical look at the present times.