Evening Star (The third sequel to the Moonless Night, Book 3)

Evening Star (The third sequel to the Moonless Night, Book 3)
Author: Floriminda Edar Reid

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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At night we sleep and dream. Some dreams we remember, and some we forget. Yet, all that we see or have seen is but a dream within a dream.

Christian and Alana left the Kings Aqua Isle to travel over the seas indefinitely, away from the current catastrophe that has seemed to take over Alana's life. What happiness they have is cut short by another unfavourable surprise. The couple are oblivious to the fact that this trip is one that they will never forget, because there is more adversity along the way that only the gods can help.

Once again, Alana is tested, and this time she is to travel completely alone. Her task is to solve the mystery of her recurring dream where her life is in danger and no one can come to aid her.

As if Alana's life is not already cursed by Katyana, Marcel Deciro sent another dangerous assassin to cease Christian’s immortality once and for all. Christian's body is drifting away before Alana's eyes. How is Alana to survive without Christian?

Without love, is without life. This incontestable story of eternal love for immortals, for Alana, Christian and Adrian, will restore its promises; heal the angers, heartaches and hates, to those who carry pain in their soul.