The Undershaw Coterie

The Undershaw Coterie
Author: Raelene Gaye Newall

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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A murder mystery by the author of "Who’s Haiku of Interesting Australians". Sir Arthur Conan Doyle returns to his home Undershaw one morning to find a dead body in his library. A mysterious letter left behind sheds light on the identity of the corpse, and informs Arthur of eight guests awaiting him in his dining room. Not eight ordinary guests, but eight characters brought to life from books someone has taken from Arthur’s bookshelves and left on his desk. Unless Arthur and his guests – Captain Ahab, Dorothy Gale, Scheherazade, Don Quixote, Hester Prynne, Sydney Carton, Juliet Capulet and Edmond Dantes – can decipher the clues, more deaths will ensue. This quirky mystery, told by Arthur in instalments to his American friend, will keep you guessing to the end.