A Murder or Two

A Murder or Two
Author: Terry Luckman

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Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Lovers from a past world suddenly re-unite when Barrister Bill Watts is cross examining James Donald, a corrupt detective, only to find Donald is the husband of his ex-girlfriend Annie. When Donald is suddenly murdered and Annie charged he takes the gamble of his life to avoid her spending a life in prison. He convinces her to run away with him to start a new life. After years of avoiding detection from the constant pursuit from Donald’s fellow corrupt officers they eventually feel safe and settle and become invisible in the Kimberley as part of a local aboriginal community. Years later, at a time when his beloved Annie is due to have their first child Bill can’t resist helping their new community by defending a case in the local court which in turn puts them back in danger. But the Kimberley is full of dangers and justice has many faces. In life and death nothing is truly ever hidden forever and the truth must eventually be told.