I Miss the Hippies

I Miss the Hippies
Author: Ern Towns

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This work of non-fiction covers the author Ern Towns thoughts on current society compared to that of the hippies.

Written in details from a man's perspective on how a gnawing disdain of modern society leads to looking at the simple life of the hippies and realising that their original ideals have all but vanished. The author looks back at his adult life and tries to unlock the underlying reasons as why things went astray, literally by going astray. The book goes through various and different real life sexual encounters. Eventually the answers to our motivation for a meaningful life are uncovered in the most unusual of circumstances.

A true story of sex in the digital age. Follow the story from fantasy to fact, to multiple dates, multiple sexual experiences, parties and more. See what people will do when they have a desire and how far they will go. Follow the author as he details each true encounter, and see how he feels and how he reflects on each of the experiences. This is the real deal, not for the faint hearted. This is what happens in the cyber world we live. It could be happening to you, and you may not even know.