Lost in the Darkwood Forest

Lost in the Darkwood Forest
Author: Scott Tyler

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Scott W Tyler in his second book, Lost in the Darkwood Forest , Tales of the Three, continues the adventures of Mark Garel, Claire Ors and Alex Moore. What began as a simple dare has now become a life changing experience, after surviving a night inside the walls of the haunted Hangman's Hall the three friends are shaken with the revelations they uncovered on that fateful night.

If things weren't bad enough already though, now they've found themselves headed for a hiking trip deep into the Darkwood Forest; an ancient sprawling wilderness said to be cursed with evil spirits.

Surely another local legend coming to life isn't possible, but now something is stirring in the depths of the forest, something dark that sees the three friends as a threat and now hunts them through the trees.

Can the three friends find their way out of the twisted wilderness of the haunted forest?
Or: Will their names join the list of those who never made it out alive?