Jesus the Crown of Our Free Will - eBook

Jesus the Crown of Our Free Will - eBook
Author: Michael Hanna

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Choices and destiny go hand in hand, and for the sake of our survival, we make so many choices in our lives. However, many a time, our minds, some how, come to a stand still in the midst of a crowded and blurred world, reflecting even for a few minutes on a question seems to be closely related to an eternal notion. Yet it’s a strange and unfamiliar question, because of its close affiliation with a choice that may take us to a place beyond the Grave.

No matter how often we trying to brush aside any thought or rid of any concern about our destiny, everyone, sooner is the better, has to draw the red line, and take the final decision of what is our reaction would be when our final will at last gaze at death face to face! Nevertheless, the time has come to search into this reality and make my own choice as well, and that is to write about the other free will, or rather the most valuable spiritual gift of free will, the one philosopher tend to ignore, and dispose of.

Since such writings are not possible to be all inclusive in humble limited pages, I have tried, instead, to focus and bring together the Christian one, the most relevant one.

I thank You gracious Lord, for You have bestowed on such mere souls the wonderful gift of righteous rebellion.