The Power of Objectives

The Power of Objectives
Author: Jamal Lazaar

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The power of objectives: Top performers secrets for success and happiness in life.

Why do some people succeed in achieving their goals while others dream their lives away without ever taking action, hoping tomorrow will be a better day? This practical guide lays out the steps to follow and the techniques to apply to our lives in response to a question we have all asked ourselves at some point: how to succeed in life, and how to define our goals?

This book examines the great power and influence of goals through a series of concrete examples. It unveils the secrets and techniques to making your goals a reality and living the life you always dreamed of living. The methods presented in this book have changed millions of lives thus far, and they are likely to change yours too.

Achieving even the most major and demanding of goals is possible with the help of NLP techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and specific exercises designed to help you pinpoint your strengths, identify your values, and of course, determine which of your past accomplishments have been the most prominent in your life. This book will help increase your self-awareness and provide useful tips to guide you through the process of setting clear goals and pursuing them through to completion.

This book is for those who wish to start down the path of lifelong success, for those who seek successful methods for setting goals and fulfilling their dreams.