Starship Deadfall

Starship Deadfall
Author: Dean Moodie

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Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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Starship in peril! An unprovoked attack from the Leading Weapon Syndicate could be the start of a new war. Why would they break the armistice and risk the judgment of the Confederacy? No; there is more to this holographic image than you have yet to realize. As a Bionic Agent you are at the heart of the matter and have opportunities to see for yourself what is actually taking place.

Which faction will you align with? Complete your mission, gain new weapons, build items to help you, search for clues, gain experience and abilities, help your allies, hack into computer systems, upgrade your physiology and change the course of events!

In the Bionic Agent series of books, you take the helm as a highly trained agent, complete with your own allegiance, mission and abilities:

• 16 characters to choose from or create your own.
• More than 50 items to use, including weapons, armor, implants and gadgets.
• More than 25 abilities to use.
• 5 different factions, each with their own characteristics and storyline.
• 8 missions to choose from.
+ secret items and rooms with alternative storylines and more!

So grab two dice, a pencil and eraser and get ready for a futuristic action adventure as a Bionic Agent.