The Brainwashed: from consumer zombies, to Islamism and Jihad

The Brainwashed: from consumer zombies, to Islamism and Jihad
Author: Geoff Mohr

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Co Author Edwin Fear
Language English
Publisher Inspiring Publishers
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This book is sure to become one of the most influential of modern times. Its primary hypothesis is that Homo sapiens sapiens lived from the outset in tribes with tribal elders able to persuade others, and thence succeeding generations, to believe their ridiculous religious notions or to fight misguided wars.

The Agricultural Revolution paved the way for the today’s consumer zombies easily persuaded to overindulge in often unnecessary, if not harmful, products. This has been a disaster which has damaged our environment and ourselves, one result being decreases in our IQ that have been observed throughout the last century.

Chapter 1 discusses the evolution of modern man and thence consumer zombies. The next 3 discuss language and learning, conditioning, memory, attitude formation & measurement, and the contact hypothesis of ethnic conflict.

Following chapters discuss religion, war, art, science, industry, education, politics, business, the media, advertising, and economics, showing that in each of these we are persuaded or ‘brainwashed’ into ‘buying’ some message or product.

The final chapters discuss

(a) Global problems such as overpopulation, pollution, and resource depletion.
(b) Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism afflicting so much of the world today.
(c) The threat of biochemical warfare posed by such groups as IS.
(d) World War 3, that is, decades of increasing global Islamic terrorism.
(e) The reverse evolution decreasing us both physically and mentally.
(f) Some solutions to these growing problems that threaten our very existence.

The authors

Dr Geoff Mohr did his PhD at Cambridge University where his father helped split the atom. He wrote 60 papers for 20 scientific journals and published 20 books, including Finite Elements for Solids, Fluids, and Optimization (OUP), A Microcomputer Introduction to the Finite Element Method (Pitman & Heinemann), Heart Disease, Cancer & Aging and The History & Psychology of Human Conflict (Horizon), Curing Cancer & Heart Disease, The Variant Virus, The Doomsday Calculation, The War of the Sexes, 2045: A Remote Town Survives Global Holocaust, Elementary Thinking for the 21st Century (Xlibris), and The 8-Week+ Program to Reverse Cardiovascular Disease (Book Venture).

Edwin Fear holds a Diploma of Business Science (DBS) from the International Arts & Sciences College. He is currently a management consultant. He has contributed to several other books, including World Religions (Xlibris) - with G.A. Mohr, The Evolving Universe: Relativity, Redshift and Life from Space (Xlibris) and World War 3 (Inspiring Publishers) – both with G. A. Mohr and Richard Sinclair.

Reader’s comments have included: This book is sure to become one of the most influential of modern times; - your treatise – is genius; A must read for anyone seriously concerned; I like your writing style; and The Islam mystery to me is that the original leader was by all accounts such a violent fellow, yet the religion is supposed to spout peace and good will to all.